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72-hr Emergency Tool Kit - Free With $50 Purchase

Get This Free With $50 Purchase* This Emergency Tool Kit Includes an emergency blanket, 46 piece first aid kit, 2 Glowsticks, and a 7 in 1 survival whistle. The 7 in 1 includes a flashlight, whistle,..

Fire Starter Kit

With Augason Farms Fire Starter Kit you have 24 FireOnĀ® disks, a portable stove and 4 boxes of waterproof matches, perfect for cooking, camping, emergency situations, barbecues, fireplaces and wood st..

Hand Wheat Grinder

Victorio Hand Wheat Grinder is one of the easiest grinders to use. The hand crank operation makes it available to use during power outages. You can grind wheat, rice, oats, seeds and other dry grains...

Mixing Pitcher

Augason Farms 2 Quart Mixing Pitcher is easy to use for adults and children alike. Use to mix milk powders, drink powders or fruit concentrates in minutes. Kids love to help with its no-spill lid and ..

Pail and Bucket Lid Opener with Bung Wrench

Pail and Bucket lid opener (also called a bung wrench or drum bung wrench) allows quick and easy opening of Augason Farms food storage pails and buckets without lid damage. Store a Bung Wrench on top ..
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