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Solar & Crank Multiband Radio, Flashlight & Charger

This small size hand-held multi-function radio is perfect for emergency use both indoors or outdoors. With its built-in USB jack that can connect to many standard USB enabled gadgets, you’ll have the ..

Stainless Steel Cup

Whether drinking hot or cold beverages, ladling water out of a creek, measuring food portions, or serving soup or cereal, a stainless steel cup is one of those emergency supplies that accomplishes wha..

Standard 53-piece First Aid Kit

A comprehensive emergency first aid solution by Lifeline that treats anything from bruises to burns. Features everything you need from bandages, gauze and sterile pads to scissors and vinyl gloves. Com..

Super Tanker 275-Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank

The super tanker 275-gallon emergency water storage tank is constructed with FDA and hpb-approved food grade polyethylene allowing you to safely store pure water free from chemical contamination. The ..

Thermal Emergency Blanket

Hypothermia is a primary concern in the outdoors or in an emergency. That’s why the Red Cross recommends that every first aid kit and every emergency kit include a thermal blanket. With its innovativ..

AAA Traveler Safety Kit

The AAA Traveler Safety Kit contains everything that is needed in case an emergency occurs on the road.Kit Includes:LifeLine First Aid Heavy-duty booster cable Heavy-duty flashlight wit..

Disaster Relief Hygiene Kit

Maintaining hygiene is extremely important because it helps to minimize the development and spread of illness. This couldn’t be more true in the case of an emergency situation, when access to clean ..

Duct Tape Silver 60-Yard Roll

Duct tape is a multi-purpose tool tape that can be used in a number of situations. Whether sealing leaks, repairing a break or any other emergency situation that comes along, it’s important to have ..

Emergency Work Gloves

Whether working around the house and garden, karate chopping zombies, or tackling a large project, these work gloves will come in handy. They are heavy-duty and great to use for any emergency!..

Filtration Bottle Supreme 28oz

This water filtration bottle is great to keep on hand for emergency situations. Losing access to drinkable water can often occur in an emergency situation, but this 28 ounce bottle can filter o..

FireOn® Fuel Disks Fire Starter Emergency Heat Source 108 Pieces

With Augason Farms FireOn® Fire Starter Pack you have 108 fire starter disks that are perfect for cooking, camping, emergency situations, barbecues, fireplaces and wood stoves. Each FireOn® disk can b..

First Aid Kit 121-Pcs

This first aid kit has includes everything you will need to deal with an emergency situation. From medical supplies to survival tools, this kit contains all the essentials for surviving an emergenc..

Red Multi Tool

No matter what the problem, this multi tool has the answer! From a knife and saw to cut, to pliers and even a nail file, there is no shortage of functionality on this multi tool. Multi tool includ..

Water Filtration Bottle 6-Pk

An essential part of your survival kit, these Augason Farms water filtering bottles use the highest quality coconut shell carbon to cleanse and freshen up to 100 gallons of water, removing giardia ..

1-Week 1-Person Emergency Food Pail

Preparing an emergency food supply can be quite time consuming and intimidating. Augason Farm’s 1 Week 1 Person Emergency Food Pail is a quick way to begin your emergency food storage supply. Dehydrat..

72 Hour 4-Person Emergency Food Supply Kit

The Augason Farms 72 Hour 4 Person Emergency Food Supply was created with convenience and nutrition in mind. Within this 72 Hour Kit are individually packed entrees that contain nutritious ingredients..

Super Tanker 275-Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank

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