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QSS™: The World’s First and Only Survival Food Standards

Can you survive on your survival food?

Recent reports reveal that some of the biggest emergency preparedness companies are making food that’s dangerously low in nutrients (and then hiding that fact from customers).

Now more than ever you need to know that your long-term food storage contains the calories and protein to help you stay active and alert during a disaster.

The Quality Survival Standards includes two certifications: QSS and QSS+, each with a core set of nutrition and survival specifications*

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Standard 1: 1,800 CALORIES PER DAY

QSS-certified foods have at minimum 1,800 quality calories per person, per day (often more). And because calories from foods like sugary drinks have little nutritional value, they are not included in QSS calorie counts.

Standard 2: 40g PROTEIN PER DAY

QSS-certified foods have a minimum of 40 grams of protein per person, per day to keep you energetic and alert when your survival depends on it.

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Standard 1: 2,200 CALORIES PER DAY

QSS Plus-certified emergency foods give you at least 2,200 high-quality calories per person, per day—a lifesaver in disaster situations that demand extra exertion.

Standard 2: 50g PROTEIN PER DAY

For emergencies that keep you up and on the move, QSS Plus-certified foods provide 50 grams of protein per person, per day to help give you even more.

Why QSS? Calorie-Deficient Foods Are Out There—And They’re Dangerous

A surprising number of companies making survival food today are cheating customers out of precious calories and protein—some have even been taken to court over it.

To get your money they use deceptive tactics like advertising that an emergency kit will last a certain number of days even though there aren’t near enough calories inside to sustain you. On top of that, they include “empty” calories in their serving counts from ingredients devoid of nutrition like sugary drinks.

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*Your daily caloric and protein needs may vary depending on age, weight, gender, physical activity, health conditions, metabolic rate, and weather conditions. To view the USDA recommended chart click here