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Freeze-Dried Vegetable Variety Pail
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SKU: 5-20491
This Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Pail includes 6 individual vegetable pouches that are packaged inside an easy-to-carry 4 gallon pail. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals that can help to ensure your survival when catastrophe strikes. This emergency food supply of nutrient-rich freez..
Hand Wheat Grinder
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SKU: 6-01012
Root and Branches Brands Hand Wheat Grinder is one of the easiest grinders to use. The hand crank operation makes it available to use during power outages. You can grind wheat, rice, oats, seeds and other dry grains. It adjusts from fine to coarse and is small enough to fit easily in a drawer or cup..
Honey Wheat Bread and Roll Mix
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SKU: 5-80310
This delicious, healthy mix can be used in a variety of ways, and is simple to make—just add water, oil, and yeast. There’s nothing like the enticing aroma of baked bread or rolls. Use it for everyday baking as well as for long term food storage. Makes delicious hot-from-the-oven rolls and bread ..
Iodized Salt Large Can
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SKU: 5-00496
Iodized Salt is a life-sustaining mineral that boosts food flavor, and is a vital component of any food storage program. Useful for every day cooking and baking, it is also a preservative used in drying meats and fish, as well as for pickling. Because an iodine deficiency can lead to medical problem..
Italiano Marinara Lasagna Super Can
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SKU: 5-10150
Tender pasta, savory marinara sauce, and select herbs and spices blend perfectly together in our freeze dried Italiano Marinara Lasagna. This rich and delicious entree is perfect for busy nights, camping trips and emergency food storage. What Is a Super Can? Augason Farms Super Cans offer the ultima..
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SKU: 5-02012
Lentils are the perfect addition to daily meals. Low in calories and a good source of protein. Helps increase energy and support a healthy digestive system. Their nutty and earthy flavor makes them a delicious part of any meal. Having lentils as part of your emergency food storage is a must. Nutriti..
Long Grain Brown Rice
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SKU: 5-00129
Not only does Long Grain White Rice have a long shelf life for food storage purposes, it’s a great addition to casseroles and soups when preparing everyday meals. Steamed or fried rice is a great way to add substance to any meal or side dish. Top it with chicken, beef, sautéed or steamed vegetables ..
Long Grain White Rice
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SKU: 5-30034
Your food storage supply will be even better with long grain white rice. Not only does it have a long storage life, it’s a great addition to your everyday casseroles and soups. Steamed or fried rice is a great way to add substance to any meal and makes the perfect side dish. Top it with chicken, bee..
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Super Can
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SKU: 5-10133
This Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal SUPER CAN gives you the taste you want and the nutrition your body needs in a hearty breakfast. The rich maple flavoring complements the robust taste of oatmeal in this palate pleasing favorite. Augason Farms Super Cans offer the ultimate food-storage versatility. Wit..
Milk Variety 3-Pack
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SKU: 5-07789
The Milk Variety 3-Pack is a versatile and indispensable emergency essential. Augason Farm’s milk products are high in calcium and vitamins A and D, so you can rest assured knowing the family is well taken care of on the nutrition front. The powdered milks are great to have on hand for cooking; use ..
Mixing Pitcher
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SKU: 6-21063
Augason Farms 2 Quart Mixing Pitcher is easy to use for adults and children alike. Use to mix milk powders, drink powders or fruit concentrates in minutes. Kids love to help with its no-spill lid and mom’s love that it’s mess free! The pitcher and plunger are durable and dishwasher safe. And, the pi..
Morning Moos Milk Alternative Kit
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SKU: 5-08245
Morning Moo’s® powdered milk alternative is an excellent way to ensure you and your loved ones get calcium and vitamins A and D during a time of crisis. Not only is this dry powdered milk beverage ideal for emergency food storage, it is also perfect for cooking and baking throughout the week. Augaso..
Nacho Cheese Powder
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SKU: 5-10185
If you love that delicious, creamy cheese flavor, Augason Farms Gluten-Free Nacho Cheese Powder is an essential product to keep in your emergency food storage. It is a great compliment to your favorite weeknight meals or emergency foods such as dehydrated vegetables or rice. Simply add water to enjo..
Oatmeal Breakfast Variety 3-Pack
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SKU: 5-15126
Welcome your morning with a generous dose of energy-rich and wholesome food. Oats are recognized for helping to reduce cholesterol, and they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They double up as a healthy breakfast cereal and a crunchy addition to baking recipes. Top your hot cereal with plump an..
Omelet Breakfast Variety 6-Pack
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SKU: 5-15124
Omelet Breakfast Variety 6-Pack includes favorite breakfast staples loaded with endless possibilities. Each favorite offers versatile ways of making omelets combined with toppings of onions, peppers, cheese and bacon-flavored bits. Fried potato dices make a delicious side for breakfast. Omelette Bre..
Pail and Bucket Lid Opener with Bung Wrench
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SKU: 6-20300
Pail and Bucket lid opener (also called a bung wrench or drum bung wrench) allows quick and easy opening of Augason Farms food storage pails and buckets without lid damage. Store a Bung Wrench on top of your food supply pails and water barrels so you can get to your food or water quickly and easily ..
Pinto Beans, #10 Can
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SKU: 5-02018
Few would argue that a food that is rich in protein, high in fiber and a powerhouse of nutrients shouldn’t be included in an emergency food supply, let alone as part of one’s everyday cooking. Pinto beans are just that. This superfood with mild flavor enhances almost any meal. Total Servings:..
Quick Rolled Oats
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SKU: 5-60102
Quick Rolled Oats are the perfect whole grain food for baking or for a hot breakfast cereal. Top it with any Augason Farms freeze dried fruit for a delicious start to your day. Oats are recognized for helping to reduce cholesterol and they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals. Not only are Quick Rol..
Shortening Powder
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SKU: 5-40020
Shortening powder is perfect to use anywhere you would use shortening, for that fluffy and flakey texture people love—especially in pie crusts. The ease with which it blends into other dry ingredients makes mixing a dream, and there’s no need to hydrate it first. Does not require refrigeration, and ..
Vegetable Garden Seeds 3-Pack
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SKU: 5-07781
Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Seeds 3-Pack includes 3 No. 10 (institutional size) cans.Each can has thirteen vegetable varieties to provide storage of seeds for a post-disaster vegetable garden. These 13 hardy seed varieties are specially selected for their storage capability, first-rate flavor, hi..
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