New to Prepping? Here’s Everything You Need to Start Your Emergency Food Program

While everyone knows that they should have an emergency food storage plan, few actually follow through with starting one. They think it’s too hard to know what they need and where to get it. Augason Farms wants you to know that getting prepared is easier than it looks. We’ve created a getting started blog that will answer your questions about emergency preparedness. We’ve also created this page that features everything you need to be fully prepared for the coming winter storms… and we’ve placed all of the items included on sale! So, get your emergency food storage plan going now and save big on your essentials.

Select Grab and Go Buckets

Be prepared for any disaster, anywhere with these Grab & Go buckets you can keep in your car, office or Home.

Starter and Variety 3 and 6 Packs

We’ve put the essentials for your emergency food pantry into two handy variety packs:

1 Year Kits

Buy it and forget it. When you invest in one of our 1-Year Kits, you can rest assured that you have a variety of nutritious, great tasting emergency food that will keep you fed for an entire year.