Meats and Proteins

Meats and Proteins

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There are many reasons for deciding to invest in long-term food storage. Bad storms or earthquakes can cause extended power outages. Religious mandates may require keeping enough food on hand to be self-sufficient for an extended period. An illness or transportation difficulties could make it difficult to shop regularly. Whatever the reason, it's very reassuring to know your family will always have enough to eat.

Augason Farms is proud to offer only the highest quality ingredients, great taste, and an impressive shelf life. Eggs, meat, and dairy products are important sources of protein that should be an important part of your emergency preparedness program. These foods are very easy to use in a wide variety of your family's favorite recipes.

Three Days and Store Shelves Could be Empty

It wouldn't take a major catastrophe for stores to run out of food. In the past, stores would buy many items in quantity and store them. Today, stores rely on just-in-time deliveries. If something prevented the delivery trucks from arriving, even if only for a fairly short period, most stores would run out of food items in three days or less. It only makes sense to be able to survive either a short- or long-term emergency with a personal supply of food and water.

The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

The human body requires protein; it is contained within every cell in the human body and is essential for building and repairing tissues. The body uses protein to manufacture hormones, enzymes, and many other chemicals in the body. It is a very important component of muscles, bones, cartilage, blood and skin.

Fat, carbohydrates, and protein are all needed in relatively large quantities. Vitamins and minerals are also essential, but only in very small amounts.

Protein is different from fat and carbohydrates in these critical ways:

  • Fat and carbohydrates are stored within the body.
  • The body does NOT store protein.
  • A constant supply of protein is essential since there is no reservoir of protein that the body can draw from when needed.

Important Sources of Protein

Most people receive their protein from both animal and plant sources. There are many foods available from Augason Farms that are suitable for those who prefer a strictly vegetarian diet.

  • Animal protein sources include meat, eggs and dairy products.
  • Plant protein is available from many sources, including legumes such as peas and beans, nuts and nut butters, tempeh and tofu (ingredients in some meat substitutes), sunflower, sesame and other seeds, non-dairy milk, and even unsweetened cocoa powder.

Real Meat Chunks, Beef or Chicken

Augason Farms has been supplying foods for emergency preparedness since 1972. Being able to prepare some of the family's favorite meat meals can be very comforting in an emergency situation. Augason Farms supplies delicious, protein-rich freeze dried beef chunks and chicken breast chunks.

  • Freeze Dried Beef Chunks are not ground beef, but pre-cooked, tender, nutritious, chunky beef from choice cuts. Rehydrate with water and use in your favorite stews, casseroles, soups, hot dishes, stroganoff, tacos, and sandwiches. Take the beef chunks on camping trips or use in almost any recipe that calls for beef. When stored appropriately, the Freeze Dried Beef Chunks have a 25-year shelf life.
  • Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Chunks are low in fat but rich in protein. Rehydrate these pre-cooked chunks of real chicken breast and add to any of your favorite chicken dishes. Great in a stir fry, pasta dish, salad, cut up into a chicken salad mix for sandwiches, tacos or enchiladas, or as a pizza topping. It has a shelf life of 25 years.

Vegetarian Meat Substitutes

  • Bacon Flavored Bits Vegetarian Meat Substitute adds the flavor of bacon to dips, casseroles, salads, as well as potato or egg dishes. These vegetarian bacon bits are very nutritious and a source of both fiber and protein. They are great for adding zest to everyday meals as well as being a desirable addition to your food storage program.
  • Beef Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute is an excellent meat substitute that works well with vegetarian diets since it is made from defatted soy flour. The delicious beefy flavor can be savored in stroganoff, tacos, or casseroles. It's perfect to use for a quick and easy meal any time. As an indispensable part of an emergency food program, it has a shelf life of 10 years.
  • Chicken Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute adds a delicious chicken flavor to soups, stews, and casseroles. This is made from defatted soy flour so makes an ideal ingredient for vegetarian dishes, but the wonderful taste will be a hit with everyone. This is a very good source of fiber and protein.

  • Taco Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute adds a delicious taco flavor burritos, soups, and, of course, tacos. This is also made from defatted soy flour, making it an ideal ingredient for vegetarian dishes, but everyone would enjoy this Mexican dish.

Food Storage Meat Substitute Variety 6-Pack

The Augason Farms Meat Substitute Kit is an excellent way to add variety to your food storage since the 6 #10 cans have a shelf life of 10 years. Enjoy 384 servings from this assortment including:

  • 1 Bacon Flavored Bits Vegetarian Meat Substitute
  • 2 Beef Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute
  • 2 Chicken Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute
  • 1 Taco Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute

Butter Powder

Augason Farms Butter Powder tastes just like real butter because it is real butter. It can be used in recipes or sauces (just add a little extra liquid), over vegetables, or sprinkled on popcorn. Because this butter powder is specifically designed for long-term storage, no refrigeration is needed. However, it's tasty enough to use every day or to add a little "fancy" to a camping trip.

Cheese Blend Powder

Augason Farms Cheese Blend Powder belongs on the shelf next to the Butter Powder. Makes great, cheesy macaroni and cheese, smooth sauces, or potatoes au gratin. Rehydrate with a little water or sprinkle to use in the recipes on the label or in your family's favorite dishes. The robust, cheesy flavor will be a hit.


Augason Farms offers protein-rich eggs in two ways: as a Dried Scrambled Egg Mix and as Dried Whole Eggs.

  • Dried Scrambled Egg Mix cooks up like the fluffy, yellow scrambled eggs everyone loves by adding just a little water. They are great for long-term storage, camping, or anytime use.
  • Dried Whole Eggs are a valuable and inexpensive source of the high-quality protein everyone needs. Their extended shelf life of up to 10 years means that eggs will always be available. It's not necessary to reconstitute the eggs if used in recipes with other dry ingredients. Just add the egg powder to the flour or other ingredients and increase the amount of water in the recipe.

Food Storage Baking Variety 6-Pack

This 6-Pack includes the basics needed to make cookies, pancakes, and other baked goodies. Use with your favorite flour.

  • 1 Morning Moo’s Low Fat Milk Alternative
  • 1 Butter Powder
  • 1 White Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Iodized Salt
  • 1 Dried Whole Eggs
  • 1 Shortening Powder

Real Milk 

  • Instant Nonfat Milk for drinking or cooking is available as a high-quality real dry milk. Reconstitute for a nutritious and refreshing drink. Use in baking with additional liquid. Many bread recipes use dry milk to improve the texture and structure of the bread. Instant Nonfat Milk is an economical and convenient alternative to fresh milk with an extended shelf life of up to 15 years.
  • Country Fresh 100% Real Instant Nonfat Dry Milk is made from whole cow's milk, an economical alternative to fresh whole milk. It is naturally high in calcium and fortified with vitamins A and D. This is great to use in baked goods, causing them to develop that enticing golden-brown surface as well as helping to keep baked items fresh longer.

Low-Fat Milk Alternatives

  • Chocolate Morning Moo's Low Fat Milk Alternative is a delicious, non-dairy milk chocolate beverage. Most people consider this whey-based mixture to be richer and thicker than traditional chocolate milk. Chill for a refreshing, chocolaty drink fortified with vitamins A and D.
  • Morning Moo's Low Fat Milk Alternative tastes like regular milk as well as being comparable to 2% milk in calcium and vitamin content. This delicious whey-based beverage is great for drinking or cooking. If half of the recommended water is added when reconstituting, this becomes an excellent alternative to light cream. This is a great choice for long-term storage as it has a 25-year shelf life.

Augason Farms meat, eggs and dairy food products should be an integral part of your emergency food storage program. They are delicious, full of essential nutrients and very easy to use. All of these foods have an impressive shelf life. In an emergency, you will be prepared to serve many of the meals that your family loves with Augason Farms Freeze-Dried Foods.