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Recently conducted surveys point to a single fact: more than half of Americans believe dark days lie ahead for humanity. Political tension is at an all-time high, economic instability continues to reach new peaks, and the planet's surging population threatens to outweigh Earth's natural resources. Authorities predict the world's fossil fuel supply will be completely depleted within the next 50 years.

Each of these, in its own right, could send the world into a state of panic. At the same time, new illnesses and mutated strands of already discovered viruses are routinely making headlines. All things considered, our nation's 163 million citizens either mentally or physically gearing up for global catastrophe may very well be on the right track.

Perhaps more imminent is the likelihood of a natural disaster. Climate-related tragedies have been on a steady upward trend, tripling over the last decade alone. What this really means for our country in the immediate sense is an increase in fairly localized events, such as flooding, severe storms, hurricanes making landfall, mudslides, avalanches, snow and ice storms and earthquakes. Extreme temperatures also raise the risks of wildfires and blackouts. From another angle, a solar storm rivaling the intensity of 1859's Carrington Event could potentially take out modern communications, sending society into a downward spiral.

Preparedness is Critical

Regardless of the nature or magnitude of an emergency, being prepared is the key to survival. Whether it's a snowstorm leaving you home bound for a few days or a global pandemic lasting months, batteries and bottled water aren't enough to see your family through. You'll need nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, protein and even simple calories are vital to the human body. You've probably seen freeze-dried camping rations on your local store shelves, but almost anyone who's fallen back on those during a hike through the mountains will liken them to cardboard.

Make Way for a Refreshing Alternative

More than 40 years ago, the founder of Augason Farms set out on a mission to create nutritious, affordable solutions to the nation's emergency preparedness efforts; furthermore, he wanted to make them tasty enough for his customers to enjoy rather than grudgingly tolerate. Though his journey began with a single dry milk product deemed "Morning Moo's", our lineup has expanded to include more than 400 food storage options. We now cover beverages as well as the entire food pyramid from snacks and desserts to entrees and everything in between.

We're committed to incorporating only the highest quality ingredients into our emergency food storage solutions. Our products offer the nutritional value necessary to keep your family healthy and strong in a format designed to last until the need for them arises. In our fruit category, you'll find both dehydrated and freeze-dried options, including:

  • Sliced or Diced Apples

  • Pineapple Chunks

  • Sliced Strawberries

  • Blueberries

  • Raspberries

  • Honey Coated Banana Slices

  • Sliced Peaches

You might also be interested in our variety packages. Stock up with our freeze dried fruits and veggies variety packs, freeze dried berries kit or assorted fruit packs.  Nutrition information and preparation instructions are included with each of our products.

Fruit's Role in Your Family's Future

It's no secret fruit is vital to your family's health; in fact, nutritionists advise having at least three or four servings of fruit each day. Fruits are well-known for containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and numerous other elements famous for promoting health by strengthening cells and helping fight off common contagions. Those are properties you can't glean from peanut butter, grains and dried beans alone. While we pride ourselves on outstanding flavor, we also take great care to preserve all those natural health benefits during the preparation processes.

Extensive Shelf Life

Our emergency food storage products are manufactured based on industry research with pre-planning needs in mind. They're designed to last up to 30 years as long as they remain sealed and stored properly. We recommend storing your emergency supplies in a cool, dry area at 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum freshness and enduring quality.

Ready when You Need Them

Since our products come with a shelf life of up to three decades, you can easily build a cache well in advance of a widespread natural or man-made disaster or simply be ready for heavy winter weather events. Although our emergency food storage solutions are perfect for true emergencies, they're certainly appropriate for less dire situations. Our dehydrated and freeze dried fruits are perfect for your favorite dessert recipes, such as pies and cobblers. They're also great for smoothies and quick nutritious snacks.

These fruits are available in options ranging from 6.4 ounce cans producing 18 servings up to pails holding more than 200 servings. Keep in mind, once opened, they'll last up to one year, so you may want to consider stockpiling a variety of sizes. We promise they'll become your go-to food source no matter the circumstances.

Trust Our Family to Help Yours when Disaster Strikes

Augason Farms is a family-owned and operated company committed to upholding the values of our founder. We strive to offer only the highest quality, best tasting and most nutritionally valuable meal and snack options formulated by our own staff of master blenders. We wouldn't supply your family with anything we wouldn't serve in our own homes. We offer single items and emergency food storage kits designed to feed your family for 72 hours, 30 days, three months or an entire year.

More than 3 million Americans are already stockpiling in preparation for a disaster of national or global magnitude. Countless more want to but aren't sure where to begin. Bottled water, batteries and first supplies are a great place to start, but we're here to fill in the gaps. Order a few of our entrees, soups, vegetables and fruits to judge for yourself. Once you taste the Augason Farms difference, you'll be ready to build your own reserve. We have no way of knowing what the future holds in store, so be prepared for whatever may be yet to come.