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Humans need to prepare for any eventuality. Although this truly isn't possible, as no one can know what the future holds, certain steps may be taken that will help individuals survive an emergency situation. For example, every family needs to have enough water on hand to keep them for three days if the water supply becomes contaminated or unusable for another reason. In addition, every person in the family needs a three day food supply, if not more, for when a catastrophe strikes. This isn't the only time when an emergency food supply may be of great help.

Have you ever broken down on the road only to find you had to wait an extended period of time for help to arrive? This isn't fun, especially when children are in the car and there is no food or water on hand. They need snacks to munch on and something to wash the snacks down to keep them nourished until the cavalry comes in.

Parents don't want to give their children a bunch of sugar in this situation, however, as this will just make them tired and cranky when they experience a sugar crash. For this reason, it's always wise for every home and car to have some vegetables on hand for everyone to enjoy. Storing these items can be difficult though, and this is why Augason Farms offers freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables, along with vegetable seeds, to ensure people can have healthy foods on hand at all times.

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydrated vegetables serve as an excellent source of nutrition following a major emergency. They also function as a great snack for individuals between meals as they contain essential vitamins and minerals needed to support human life. Because they can be easily stored in a variety of conditions, every home should have one or more containers of dehydrated vegetables available for use.

One reason many people turn to dehydrated vegetables is it allows them to enjoy fresh produce year-round, even when it is out of season. Dehydrating the vegetables is an excellent alternative to canning and freezing, and it's very convenient. People find they are able to grab the vegetables and go, eating them wherever they may be. They are very lightweight, as the water has been removed, and they tend to be more compact than their fresh counterparts, of importance when it comes to a portable emergency kit.

The vegetables provide a quick energy boost and contain the calories people need after a catastrophe. They are also great for people on the go, making an excellent snack for skiers, bikers, or those who are out sightseeing. As Augason Farms carries a wide range of high-quality products, everyone can easily find the one they prefer and wish to take everywhere they travel.

Our team works to ensure that every vegetable we provide offers the highest nutritional benefit. One area of concern for many is the flavor and quality. This is never an issue when people buy from us, as we make these a top priority for all products we sell.

Freeze-Dried Vegetables

Freeze-dried vegetables are another great option for individuals looking to supply an emergency food kit. They are very convenient, as they are lightweight and easy to carry, just like their dehydrated siblings. The freeze-dried vegetables are tasty, making them a great choice for people on the go in need of healthy snacks, and they last for an extended period of time. Visit the Augason Farms page on freeze-dried vegetables for more information on the benefits of these products.

Vegetable Seeds

Obviously, a person should never overlook growing their own vegetables, and Augason Farms can be of assistance here also. We provide seeds for families to do exactly this. Some families opt to store seeds for future use, but this can be risky. Some vegetables may grow, yet other seeds may become unusable with time. In our seed kit, we provide families with 13 different types of seeds, including tomatoes and carrots, to ensure a range of vegetables are available.

All seeds included in the kit have been carefully selected. They are known for their first-rate flavor, their storage capability, and their high yields. In addition, they can be grown in almost any region, ensuring people have great food at all times, as they are all of the short season variety. All are heirloom seeds, which means they are either open pollinated or non-hybrid, of concern to many following a catastrophe.

One reason many individuals choose the seed kit is they have more control over the growing conditions. They don't want to pollute the environment with pesticides and they wish to know what they are putting into their bodies. This kit ensures this will be the case when a person chooses to go this route instead of purchasing vegetables grown by others.

Why Augason Farms?

Prepare for any emergency situation with the help of Augason Farms. We offer a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of all, including fruits and vegetables, soups and entrees, meats and vegetables, and gluten-free products. All provide the nutrients humans need to survive and maintain their health during a difficult time.

With the help of the vegetables we offer, people find they can lower their blood pressure and reduce their risk of developing digestive issues and heart disease. Humans need a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, as this will help to lower their risk of certain cancers by 50 percent. Check out our wide selection of freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables today. When an emergency situation crops up, you'll feel better knowing your family is prepared to wait it out until things return to normal.

As we only offer high-quality products, concern about the nutritional benefits is never an issue. Furthermore, we work hard to keep our prices affordable for all. We know how stressful everyday life can be. When an emergency arises, this only adds to the stress. With our help, you can easily be ready for whatever life throws at you regardless of other variables in your life. That's our goal for each customer we serve.