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1 Week Pantry Pack

The Augason Farms 1 Week Pantry Pack is designed to provide quick and easy meals for one person for one week, including appetizing and nutritional breakfasts, entrées and drinks. All items are easy to..
1-Week 1-Person Emergency Food Pail

1-Week 1-Person Emergency Food Pail

Preparing an emergency food supply can be quite time consuming and intimidating. Augason Farm’s 1 Week 1 Person Emergency Food Pail is a quick way to begin your emergency food storage supply. Dehydrat..
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Augason Farms 1-week emergency food kits are designed for short-term survival and emergency situations, from power grid failure and rolling blackouts to sudden wildfires and flash floods. Augason Farms has a selection of one-week long emergency food kits ranging from one-person food kits to multi-person food kits stored in stackable, space-saving totes. All Augason Farms emergency food kits have a shelf live of up to 25-years and offer a variety of freeze-dried fruits and vegetablesfreeze-dried meats, and delicious entrees. 1-week emergency food kits have over 1,800 calories per day and close to 50g of protein, meeting USDA guidelines. Augason Farms 1-week kits have the calories and variety you need for any short-term emergency situation.