Emergency Food Kits

Emergency Food Kits

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When you consider the possibility or probability, as the case may be, of an emergency situation, a number of scenarios could come to mind. If you've done your homework on the matter, you've probably realized concrete statistics are a bit difficult to come by. Anything from a localized and short-lived power grid failure to an asteroid strike affecting the entire planet could take place, so being prepared for the full spectrum of plausibilities is crucial to your family's survival.

While this is certainly a monumental undertaking, a few key steps could make your emergency preparedness efforts a great deal more fruitful. Should disaster strike, certain items like bleach and hand sanitizer could be your saving graces. Augason Farms is here to be part of the process with our emergency food supply kits.  Offering a wide range of nutritious, great-tasting items from comprehensive long-term survival food kits to all the individual ingredients you'll need to create any dish your family desires.

Have Alternate Power Sources on Hand

Depending on the type of emergency you're facing, power and communications as we now know them may not be available. As a society, we've come to rely largely on the internet, mobile services, and electricity, but if they were to suddenly be snatched out from under us, most of us would be at a loss. Purchase an emergency radio, be sure you've got plenty of flashlights, and create a cache of appropriately-sized batteries.

You'll also need heat sources as, without them, your family is more susceptible to illnesses, and any survival food kits in your stockpile would essentially be useless. Propane tanks and charcoal could become more useful than you might imagine. Though a generator and plenty of fuel would also be helpful, something as simple as a fire pit and a stack of wood could see you through the ordeal.

Pack up a Variety of Medical Supplies

Bandages, gauze, topical and oral antibiotics, scissors, tweezers, blankets, and additional first-aid supplies will be vital in the event anyone is injured. While having a significant stash of these items is important, packing smaller first-aid kits to keep in various locations is equally necessary. You never know when you might be forced to move to a new location, so keep mobility in mind.

Also, consider your family's individual needs. Does anyone suffer from asthma, diabetes, seizures, or other medical issues? If so, stock up on albuterol, insulin, and other prescriptions on which your family relies. You may also want to consider keeping over-the-counter alternatives on hand as well, such as ibuprofen for inflammation reduction. Alpha-lipoic acid and cinnamon supplements may be helpful for blood sugar control. Tablets containing a combination of ephedrine and guaifenesin combat asthma symptoms, and they're available at your local pharmacy counter without a prescription.

Your family's requirements will vary, so this is simply a generalized suggestion. Take a long look at each member of your family and develop your medical cache accordingly. Regardless of any conditions at play, multivitamins are always a good idea. They'll help supplement the nutrition in your survival food kits.

Stockpile Plenty of Water

Experts recommend having on hand at least one gallon of water per person per day but, in this case, overshooting that guideline is advisable. Remember, you'll need water for drinking as well as bathing and cleaning wounds. Powdered, freeze-dried, and dehydrated sustenance in your survival food kits also require water for preparation. 

Technically, water alone can keep the human body alive for three weeks or more, but a number of issues could ensue in a survival situation. Even with proper hydration, your body will grow weak without additional nutrition. Immunity declines and judgment grows clouded. Depending on age, gender, and activity level, each person in your family will need anywhere from 1,000 to more than 3,000 calories per day in order to retain physical strength and mental clarity. This is where your survival food kits take effect.

A Well-Rounded Diet is Critical

At Augason Farms, we specialize in emergency food supply kits, and our mission plan revolves around delivering wholesome, tasty foods to keep your family healthy during any type of disaster. We offer a broad selection of individual freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, meat substitutes, and numerous other items. We've also compiled a variety of survival food kits designed to cover all your nutritional needs during an emergency. We offer:

  • One and Two-Week or 30-Day Pantry Packs: These short-term daily survival food kits include breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, such as granola with milk, soups, and our cheesy broccoli with rice as well as creamy stroganoff to name a few.

  • Individual Variety Packs: This branch of our selection includes a range of freeze-dried fruit and/or vegetable varieties; our nonfat, chocolate and non-dairy alternative milks; milk and juice drink combo packs; breakfasts like our pancakes, oatmeals, hash browns and dried scrambled egg mixes; freeze-dried meat or meat alternative assortments; complete meal varieties; entrees and many more options.

  • Kits: Our survival food kits range from small-scale to extended reserves designed for multiple people. This line holds choices such as our freeze-dried berries kit; meat and meat substitutes; perishables like milk eggs and butter; bakery treats including pancakes, biscuits, and breads; soups and our inaugural Morning Moo's. On the large-scale end of the spectrum, we offer our all-inclusive one or four-person kits designed to last from 72 hours to an entire year and two-person kits with enough provisions for three months. For those of you with more far-reaching needs, we also have a mega one-year survival food kit serving 40 people.

These are only a few of the options we bring to the table. You can choose from the kits we've put together for you, or build your own from our inventory of more than 400 separate items. We also cater to those restricted to gluten-free diets.

We Strive to be Different

Our extensive selection is one of the many elements setting us apart from others in our industry, but our singularity runs far deeper than that. Even in situations where food is in short supply, humanity tends to turn away meals failing to appeal to our senses. For this reason, we're dedicated to ensuring all our products look, taste, and smell like the freshly prepared versions to which your family is accustomed. Empty calories mean very little in a survival scenario, so we go above and beyond to preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients in all our survival food kits and individual packages.

Come to Us for all Your Emergency Food Storage Needs

All our survival food kits and individual emergency food storage options come with a shelf life of up to 30 years, so you can stock up now to be prepared for the future. Whether a local natural disaster occurs a month from now or you ultimately pass your stockpile along to the next generation, your family can be equipped to survive. Browse our selection of delicious, nutritionally-sound foods and make us an integral component in your preparedness efforts.