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Fruit Variety Bundle

Enjoy all the delicious flavor of your favorite fruits without the limited shelf-life! The Augason Farms Fruit Variety Bundle is a convenient and affordable way to keep tasty and nutritious fruits on ..

Vegetable Garden Seeds 3-Pack

Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Seeds 3-Pack includes 3 No. 10 (institutional size) cans.Each can has thirteen vegetable varieties to provide storage of seeds for a post-disaster vegetable garden. Thes..

Booster Pack with Fruit Variety

Boost the key nutrients your body needs by adding our three best-selling fruits to your long term emergency food supply. Whether you blend the delicious bananas, apples, and strawberries into smoothie..

Booster Pack with Quick Rolled Oats, Berries & Milk

There’s no better way to boost your day—and your health—than with a bowl of hot oatmeal topped with whole blueberries and low fat milk. And this three-pack has everything you need: Quick Rolled Oats, ..

Fruit & Vegetable 4-Gallon Pail Bundle

The Fruit & Vegetable 4-Gallon Pail Bundle ensures you’ll always have essential ingredients—bananas, apple slices, potato slices and vegetable stew blend—in your pantry or long term food supply..

30-Day Food Supply, Fruit & Vegetable Combo

Being prepared with a 30-Day Emergency Food Pail is a great solution for your emergency preparedness plan. Add fruits and vegetables and you have even more flavor, more nutrition, more snacks and more..

Fruit & Vegetable 4-Gallon Pail Bundle


30-Day Food Supply, Fruit & Vegetable Combo

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Dehydrated fruits are a requirement of any long-term storage and emergency food storage plan. Freeze-dried fruits provide a host of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like antioxidants and fiber. Fruits are also an excellent source of energy and healthy carbohydrates in any survival situation. Augason Farms offers a wide variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated options that can be prepared with water or eaten directly from the container. With Augason Farms' dehydrated fruits or freeze-dried fruits, preppers can enjoy the benefits of fruits all year long, including tropical fruits like freeze-dried mangosfreeze-dried pineapple, and dehydrated banana chips.