1.Where do I enter my coupon (promo) code?

Once you add an item to your cart, click on the shopping cart link (not the checkout page). Underneath your added products there is box with 3 options. The first option is 'Use Coupon Code.' Click on this link, enter the coupon/promo code and click Apply Coupon. Our coupon codes are case sensitive so make sure to use CAPS or lowercase depending on how we have provided the code.

2.What are our Terms & Conditions?

Click here to view our terms & conditions.

3.What is the return policy for food storage items?

We may accept merchandise for return within 10 days of receipt, depending on conditions. For more details, please call us at 1-800-878-0099 or contact us through our Support Center.

4.What if my goods arrive damaged?

If your goods arrive damaged they must be reported to us within 48 hours for an exchange. Pictures of the damaged goods will need to be submitted and the products will need to be returned. Replacement product will then be shipped to you. As a side note, we package our pails at an elevation of approximately 4500 feet above sea level. When a pail is sent to a lower elevation the difference in pressure causes the pail to "inhale" to one degree or another. The fact that the pail remains "sucked in", so to speak, shows that it is still air tight and perfectly sealed. This has no negative affect on the quality or shelf life of the product. If you feel your product is damaged, please contact us at 1-800-878-0099 or through our Support Center.

5.What is the turn-around time on orders?

Orders will be shipped from our facility within 3 business days for orders placed before 12:00pm MST. Depending on in-stock availability, some orders may take longer.

6.How do I find the Nutrition Facts or Shelf Life on products?

Under each product is a description. The shelf life is listed in the product description and at the end of the description is a link for nutrition facts, directions and ingredients that can be clicked on for a PDF view.

7.What is the shelf life of your food storage products?

The shelf life of each food storage product and how it is packaged varies.  Please click here for a most up-to-date list of shelf lifes on our products packaged in #10 cans. Please also check the link under the description on each product.

8.Do you have list of all your online food storage products?

Yes, we do have a list of our online products. Please click here.

9.How do I figure out when my food storage product was packaged or how do I calculate the Julian Date?

There will be a Julian Date on the can or bag. For example, 10278.  The first two digits equal the year, the last set of digits equal the day in that year. In this case, 10 would equal 2010 and 278 would be the 278th day of the year, which is Oct. 5th. View our Julian Date Calendar to figure out the month and day.

10.Do you package foods in mylar bags inside of pails?

If the pail contains one product, the food is loose inside the foodgrade pail.

11.What is your phone number?

Our toll-free number is 1-800-878-0099 or you can call us locally at 801-263-6667.

12.Do I have to pay Utah sales tax?

Only orders shipped to a Utah address or picked up at our retail store are subject to Utah sales tax.

13.Do you package your food storage items with an oxygen absorber?

We either package with oxygen absorbers or nitrogen flush to give products a longer shelf life.

14.How do I become a wholesale distributor for Augason Farms food storage products?

Please read the attached document: Wholesale Distributor Application

15.Does Augason Farms custom blend and private label food storage products?

Yes we do custom blends and private labeling for food storage items; please contact us at info@bluechipgroup.net.

16.What is the size of your everyday size can?

The size of our everyday cans is a 2 1/2 size can or quart size (about 4.75 inches tall & 4 inches in diameter).

17.What is the shelf life of product in pails after they are opened?

Once a pail is opened it is difficult to determine the shelf life because of how it may be stored, but we recommend using the product within a year to a year and half.

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