Learning to be a ‘Prepper’



Learning to be a ‘Prepper’

Being prepared for any major disaster is a good thing. Even though it sounds like a daunting task, getting to a reasonable level of preparedness is a lot easier than it appears. Here is a list of things we can all do to be better prepared for an emergency:

  • Compile an emergency list that includes evacuation plans, emergency phone numbers, family medications, etc.
  • Make sure everyone knows the basics to first aid and CPR. Taking a class at your local YMCA or Red Cross can be a fun and an informative family outing. Use your new skills to compile a first aid kit to keep at the ready for any emergency that may arise.
  • Make sure everyone’s immunizations are up to date. This should include the latest flu vaccine and tetanus shots.
  • Start an emergency food pantry. Depending upon your budget, you can start small and add something new every week. Just be sure to buy what you eat and eat what you buy. Get foods that are designed to have a long shelf life and that are the kind your family likes.
  • Since you’ve started your food supply, you will need to supplement it with a dependable water supply. You can start with small one and two gallon water containers and then move up to the professional 55-gallon water drums. You should use the formula of a minimum of 1-2 gallons of water per person/per day.
  • Keep in touch. Train yourself and your family to pay attention to the news and to understand any immediate threats that may be headed your way, including hurricanes, floods, tornados, winter storms or civil unrest. You should also add a solar powered or hand-cranked radio to your emergency kit so you can stay informed about what is happening around you.
  • Don’t depend upon your bank being open in an emergency. Keep at least $200 in cash (small denominations are best) and a credit card stashed with your to-go kit.
  • Watch your gas gauge. Get in the habit of keeping your car’s gas tank always at least half-full. Gasoline is one of the first things to be hoarder in an emergency, so always make sure to have enough gas to get home or to wherever your family meeting location is situated.
  • Keep a couple of “grab and go” kits at the ready. These should contain the essentials and have enough food for 72 hours. If possible, keep one or two at home, your office and in your car.
  • Keep in shape. Besides just being good for your overall health, keeping your body in reasonably good shape can make the difference between life and death in a real emergency. Join a gym, buy some weights, or just go for a daily walk can help you stay in good enough shape to help yourself and others survive in a serious situation.
  • Don’t forget to pack some fun. Being able to keep our minds off the immediate emergency is critical for good mental health. Remember to pack some cards or compact games in your emergency kits

These are just a few of the most important ways you can start to be a prepper. Don’t let the term prepper scare you into believing that being prepared is the same as becoming a hardcore survivalist. Becoming a prepper is all about being prepared to survive for a limited time without all the comforts of modern society.

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      Good list. I think also to add extra sources of fuel/other methods of cooking e.g. solar oven, portable cookware, extra propane gas, candles etc.

      Dec 28 2017 at 14:51
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