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Augason Farms Ultra Purified 50 Year Water 24-Pack

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Humans can live without food for a few weeks, but we must have clean water for drinking within three days, which is why water storage is such a critical investment for anyone who cares about food and water security. As we’ve seen from recent disasters in the United States, water is the first thing to sell out in supermarkets. It is difficult—if not impossible— to reach in emergencies.

Augason Farms NEW Ultra Purified 50 Year Water gives you and your loved ones the ultimate in water security. It goes through an eight-stage ultra-purification process and is contained in easy-to-store, easy-to-access aluminum cans.

Why is this ideal for emergency preparedness? For the same reasons over 180 billion aluminum cans are used each year:

  1. No leaching
  2. BPA-free, polymer-based epoxy coating prevents interaction of aluminum ions with beverage
  3. Impermeable to gasses, vapors, and light
  4. 100% protection from oxygen, light, moisture, and other contaminants
  5. Holds up to 250 pounds of direct weight
  6. Rust proof and resistant to corrosion
  7. Stands up to hot and cold temps
  8. Recyclable
Ultra-Purification Process
  • Water sourced from Japan’s Mount Fuji is naturally filtered and purified as it passes over and through the volcano’s geological formations
  • Before canning, water goes through eight-stage ultra-purification process that ensures it is 99.999% free of biological and chemical contaminants
  • Once cans have been filled and sealed, they go through “retort” sterilization process that heats water to 190°F, ensuring that no bacteria remains
  • Augason Farms uniquely combines the eight-stage ultra-purification process and retort sterilization process, resulting in the water’s 50-year shelf life

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Case Quantity: 24 cans
Can Net Weight: 11.5 fl oz / 340 mL
Case Net Weight: 17.25 lbs / 276 fl oz / 8.16 L
Gallons per Case: 2.2 gallons
Shelf Life: Up to 50 years*

*Shelf life up to 50 years when unopened. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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