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Electrical power is often taken for granted, yet power loss is the number one emergency that customers prepare for*. The Humless Go Mini Off Grid Power Supply helps bridge the gap between the complacency and fear. At one-third the mass and weight of Lead Acid, its lightweight, easy-to-transport design means power is readily available whether you’re at home during an emergency or bugging out in a camper, RV or cabin. It’s even small and light enough to keep in your car or at your place of employment.

  • Humless Go Mini Solar Generator features:
    • 2500 full life cycles; that’s 6 to 8 years of daily use
    • 4x longer life cycle than Lead Acid batteries (300 lifecycles) and Lithium-Ion batteries (700 cycles)
    • 120 V (1.5kW) of power output w/ multiple output options
    • PSW Pure sine wave output wave form
    • 640 Watts (0.64 kW) of power storage
    • Charges to manufactured capacity, every time
    • Lightweight, only 34 pounds
    • Easy to read LCD screen for real-time usage monitoring
    • Durable metal shell with easy carry strap
  • 2 foldable, 130-watt solar panels
  • 21 foot MC4 to AP plug-and-play connecting cable
  • Portable off-grid power supply
  • Designed for light to medium energy use
  • Recommended for indoor use
  • Multiple sources for power charge and discharge
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

*Power Outage is the number one emergency customers are preparing for. This is according to a 2018 survey of 1,784 Augason Farms customer in which 72% of customers expressed fear of widespread power outage over any other emergency situation. Second to power outages was economic and financial collapse (64%) which could also result in power loss due to the inability to pay electrical bills. In third place was extreme weather (61%), which could clearly result in power loss due to flooding and downed power lines.


Battery Life:6 to 8 Years
Lifetime Cycles:2,500+ (daily use)
Storage Capacity:0.64 kW (640 Watts)
Inputs:120V AC Charging / 12V~50V DC charging
AC Output:1500 watts
Outputs:1.5 kW / 120V AC / 12V DC / 4 USB
Battery Type:Lithium Life
Weight:34 lbs
Size:9 x 9 x 14 inches
Solar Panels:130 Watt, foldable (qty 2)
Connecting Cable:21 foot, MC4 to AP

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