Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix
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SKU: 5-90646
When you need a quick weeknight meal, you can trust our Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix to provide you with delicious flavor and quality nutrients like immunity boosting vitamin C. Just add water and enjoy this delicious dehydrated food item. Serve as a soup on its one or get creative and add this mix to y..
Chicken Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute
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SKU: 5-70147
Our Chicken Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute provides the savory flavor of chicken without the meat. If you are on a vegetarian diet or simply want to enjoy the flavor and texture of meat without the cholesterol, you’ll love the versatility of this vegetarian meat substitute. Enjoy it in so..
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SKU: 5-40004
Cornmeal is a versatile and indispensable food storage staple. Perfect for making moist cornbread, muffins, corn tortillas, polenta, or batter for deep-fat frying. High in carbs and fat free, cornmeal is an ideal energy food, and retains its flavor and nutritional value for long term storage. Cer..
Creamy Potato Soup Mix
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SKU: 5-00212
When hot water is added to this mix, unforgettable flavors and creamy soup blend together to make a dish that will satisfy your appetite and warm your body. For enhanced flavor add your favorite freeze dried meat or dried vegetables. You can also use this soup mix as a base for clam chowder. Just..
Freeze Dried Broccoli Florets & Stems
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SKU: 5-11158
Freeze Dried Broccoli Florets and Stems offers convenience and nutrition. Simply add the indicated amount of water, drain, and serve. This delicious freeze dried vegetable is packed with calcium and vitamins A and C. Add it to your favorite dishes, serve as a side, or add it to your emergency food s..
Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks
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SKU: 5-11150
Did you know you can use Augason Farms Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks in your favorite desserts like pineapple upside down cake or pineapple cobbler? Just add a little water and enjoy your favorite recipes. These sweet freeze dried chunks also make for an easy snack and are a good source of vitamin C..
Freeze-Dried White Meat Chicken
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SKU: 5-11170
Finding meat that is delicious and packed with nutrients for your long-term emergency storage can be difficult. Many taste odd, have a strange texture or don’t have the storage life you need. With Freeze-Dried White Meat Chicken, you’ll discover you can have chicken at your fingertips, ready to use ..
Oats & Honey Granola
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SKU: 5-90168
Whether enjoyed in a bowl of milk for breakfast, mixed with freeze-dried berries for trail mix or used to bake muffins, the versatility of Oats and Honey Granola makes it a staple for any emergency food supply. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and crunchy goodness that will keep you coming back for m..
Southwest Chili Mix
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SKU: 5-00308
This incredible chili mix is packed with a mildly sweet and slightly spicy flavor and quality dehydrated ingredients. Just add water and enjoy this classic savory chili. Pair this delicious mix with your favorite corn bread recipe or tortilla chips for a complete meal. Enjoy the homemade chili taste..
Taco Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute
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SKU: 5-70145
If tacos are a favorite, consider adding the Taco Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute to your long term food storage. You’ll be able to create delicious Mexican dishes, whether that’s tacos, burritos, tamales or enchiladas in almost no time at all. A flavorful, affordable and nutrient-rich food, it’..
Vegetable Stew Blend
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SKU: 5-00223
This blend is perfect for getting a variety of healthy vegetables into your diet. Potato dices, chopped onions, carrot dices and cabbage flakes are only some of the wonderful ingredients found in our Vegetable Stew Blend. Just add the indicated amount of water and reconstitute these tasty ingredient..
Classic Brownie Mix
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SKU: 5-40024
Mix makes a rich, moist brownie full of delicious chocolate fudge flavor. Just add water or combine with additional ingredients to make chocolate cookies or chocolate cake. A chocolate lover’s delight, this classic brownie mix is certain to please. Just add water Ready to bake in under five minu..
Dehydrated Spinach Flakes
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SKU: 5-11129
Once rehydrated, Augason Farms Spinach Flakes can be added to dips, soup mixes, vegan entrees, and pasta dishes. Just add the indicated amount of water, bring to a boil, simmer, and use as your recipe directs. Certified gluten free. Certified gluten free No washing or chopping Great dips, soups..
Elbow Macaroni
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SKU: 5-66309
Elbow macaroni is used for more than just macaroni and cheese. It can be used in casseroles, pasta salads and any other noodle dish. A long shelf life guarantees its spot as an essential and versatile survival food. Add to casseroles, goulash, soups, pasta salads or any pasta dish Prepare with A..
Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Pack
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SKU: 5-20250
Packaged in 13 individual pouches, this delicious combination makes it easy to have a wide variety of vegetables to use in soups, salads and side dishes. Perfect for everyday use, camping and backpacking, or long-term emergency food storage. Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, Directions Diced Potato..
Hearty Vegetable Chicken-Flavored Soup Mix
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SKU: 5-90838
Augason Farm’s Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup Mix isn’t just for food storage. This mix is excellent for cold weather and busy days. Besides providing you with a delicious blend of freeze dried vegetables, rich chicken broth and flavorful spices, this soup mix offers nutrients such as fiber, iron and..
Honey Cornbread Muffin Mix
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SKU: 5-80050
With Augason Farms Honey Cornbread Muffin Mix, down home cooking has never been easier. Just add water to this mix and bake according to direction to get delicious cornbread muffins full of honey flavor. They are perfect to serve with soup, chili, beans and other hearty entrees, but can also be used..
Orange Delight Drink Mix
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SKU: 5-50057
Now you’ll always have a delicious drink on hand when company comes over or for your next party! This delicious and tangy thirst quencher is also a great source of Vitamin C. Nutrition Facts and Ingredients Total Servings: 99 Total Calories: 9,900 Calories per Serving: 100 ..
72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food & Gear Kit - QSS PLUS-Certified
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SKU: 5-20225
This 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply for one person features a convenient grab-and-go design that allows for quick retrieval and easy storage within your home, car, boat, office, cabin or student’s dorm room. It includes carefully selected, essential survival gear and five nutritional food varieties i..
Creamy Wheat Cereal
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SKU: 5-90153
This popular Creamy Wheat Cereal gets it popularity from its delicious taste and its multi-purpose uses. For variety, add Augason Farms freeze dried fruits like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries to your Creamy Wheat Cereal. You’ll also find this product can be added to muffin and cookie recip..
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