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Booster Pack with Rice, Beans & 100% Real Chicken

This three-pack of 100% Real White Meat Chicken, Pinto Beans, and Long Grain White Rice will add a boost of essential nutrients to virtually any meal. Use in your favorite recipes and side dishes or a..

Freeze-Dried White Meat Chicken

Finding meat that is delicious and packed with nutrients for your long-term emergency storage can be difficult. Many taste odd, have a strange texture or don’t have the storage life you need. With Fre..

Freeze-Dried Meat Variety 6-Pack

Whether preparing a family meal or preparing for an emergency, meat is must have staple for many families. Maintaining an ample supply of Freeze-Dried White Meat Chicken and Freeze-Dried Beef means ne..

Freeze-Dried Beef 100% Real Meat

Food storage may seem daunting, but with Freeze-Dried Beef that’s 100% real meat, it just got easier and better-tasting. This pre-cooked beef can be used like traditional cooked beef in casseroles, sa..

Booster Pack with 100% Real Beef & Chicken

Add a big boost of flavor and important nutrients to your meals with this Freeze-Dried Chicken and Beef Booster Pack. These pre-cooked meats provide all the flavor and texture of traditional cooked be..

Freeze-Dried Meat Variety 6-Pack

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Freeze-Dried Meats

Augason Farms freeze-dried meats are the perfect way to boost calories and vital protein in an emergency or survival situation. Use our #10 cans of freeze-dried beef or freeze-dried chicken to boost your emergency food supply to meet the FDA guidelines of 50g of protein per person per day. Augason Farms freeze-dried meats also help meet additional nutritional requirements for nutrients like B vitamins, iron, zinc and many others. Freeze-dried beef and freeze-dried chicken can also be used in everyday recipes just like fresh meat you get at the grocery store because it is 100% real meat. Augason Farms freeze-dried meats just need water to be rehydrated and ready to use. This ease of use makes our freeze-dried meat perfect for camping and backpacking as well.