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12 Hour Glow Stick 2 Pack

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Don't fumble around in the dark. Flex a high-visibility glow stick for an immediate, reliable source of colorful light, without emitting heat or sparks. Each glow stick is super bright and will last up to 12 hours—that’s 50% more than most eight-hour light sticks on the market.

Glow sticks are perfect for emergencies, blackouts, survival kits, camping and more. Keep a pack in every location that light is critical to you and your family: kitchen, bedrooms, basement, upstairs rooms, garage, car, office, kid’s dorm room, RV, cabin, boat…to name a few. Wherever you choose, be sure you aren’t fumbling through the dark trying to find them. Keep them convenient and easy to find.

  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • High-visibility
  • Snap to activate

Dimensions: 2.68”W x 9.45”H x 0.71”D

Weight: 1 lb

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