The 6 Biggest Food Storage Mistakes

Food storage is a great way to be prepared for emergencies, but there are some common mistakes people make when building their food storage. Read these 6 common mistakes so you can fix them now!

 1.     Not Storing Water Correctly

Storing water in the wrong type of containers, too warm of temperatures and not rotating water often enough are common mistakes. Read this previous post in our Blog for more information on correctly storing your water.

 2.     Not Storing the Right Foods

When looking at what food items to store it is important to add a variety. It is key to have the basic grains (wheat, oats, rice, etc.), but it is important to look at what can be added to give your food selection variety. In addition to your basics, make sure you have dehydrated fruits and veggies to add flavor and nutrition, should you have to use your food storage for regular meals. Don’t forget about meat! Meat will provide the necessary protein component for optimal nutrition during an emergency. Augason Farms offers a variety of freeze dried meats, both real meat and vegetarian meat substitute, all of which are GMO free. Don’t forget to store extended staples such as sweeteners, salts, oils, and spices.

 3.     Not Storing Your Food Storage Correctly

Storing your food storage incorrectly can damage your supply and waste your valuable investment. It is important to store food in cooler temperatures such as the basement where light and temperature are minimal. It is easy to buy bags of flour, but bagged food (such as flour or rice) will be more susceptible to insects and rodents if left in that way. Transferring the bags into containers such as 6 gallon food safe buckets are a great storage option. Also, make sure your food is not stored directly on the floor, especially cement.

 4.     Not Rotating Your Food Storage

It is important to rotate your food storage. Some food items can be stored for 20-30 years, but other food items have much shorter shelf lives. Make sure you know the shelf life on your food storage items and put food closer to expiration in closer reach.

 5.     Not Knowing How to Use Your Food Storage

Not only is it important to know how to cook your food storage items, but it’s also important to have food that your family will enjoy eating. Don’t forget to have the right tools to prepare your food storage as well, including a wheat grinder to grind your wheat, a can opener or bucket lid opener and an alternative heat source should you have no power.

 6.     Buying Low Quality Food Storage

Buying low quality freeze-dried and dehydrated foods is dangerous to your long-term food supply. Acceptable oxygen levels should be less than 2% inside the package product. Some low-quality food storage items have up to 18% oxygen in their packaging. Augason Farms guarantees less than 2% oxygen in all of their food storage products.

Follow these tips to avoid common food storage mistakes and have the best food storage supply in the neighborhood!

Posted Jan 28, 2016
Tags: Food Storage
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