Resolve to be Prepared

New Years marks the start of a new beginning and possibly new habits. Kick off your new year with a plan to be more prepared.

Each of us is at varying points in our emergency preparedness. I won’t ask you to make sure everything is done perfectly, but I want to challenge you to do better. Look at where you are and carry it one step further.


If you have nothing, then start with an individual 72 hour kit for each person in your family. Or sit down as a family and create a plan for emergencies. Trying to be ‘emergency preparedness’ savvy can be overwhelming. Do not be too hard on yourself; you can do this, one step at a time. Grab a premade kit, or create your own. In an hour you will be on your way to feeling better, taking care of your family and ready for an emergency.


If you already have your family plan, emergency kits, and first aid kits then you are well underway. Next, look at your financial and food reserves. If you lost your job or a terrorists hit, would you be able to survive for three months? Your emergency preparedness is now going to the next level.

Start with long term food storage. You will want to make sure you have a good variety of foods from all food groups. If you do not have anything start by creating list of 10 meals your family continually eats. Then, generate a list of ingredient you need for those meals; from soups and spices to dairy and grains. Now, make a goal: How much can you allocate in your grocery budget for starting your food storage? Break that down into your weekly shopping trips, from 1-2 extra cans of soup to vegetables or pasta.

Make a goal to add at least one #10 can of something monthly. To start, I would suggest dried onions or dried eggs; both are easy to substitute into daily cooking. Next, add dry powdered milk. You will have your emergency food supplies up to a three month stock in no time.


Some of us have been doing emergency preparedness for a while. Do you have your 72 hour kits updated, a three month supply of food and finances available and food storage that could last you 6 months, or even a year? If you think you have everything then I would like to give you a few challenges:

  1. POWER SOURCE: Do you have at least 3 alternate power sources and a way to generate more power?
  2. REVIEW: Do you update your kits, plans, and practice at least every six months?
  3. HEAT SOURCE: Do you have a way to cook your food and to stay warm if all power and utilities were lost in the dead of winter?
  4. DAILY: Do you utilize everything in your food storage and incorporate it into your daily cooking? Do you have recipes for your food supply items?

Will you accept the challenge to become better prepared? Will you give yourself the peace of mind, knowing that when the unexpected happens, you will be ready for it? Resolve to do better; resolve for peace of mind this year.

Posted Jan 7, 2016
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