Milk - It Does Your Food Storage Good

Milk is vital in our basic food pyramids and thus should be a staple in your food storage. The US Government recommends having 16 pounds of non-instant dried milk or 32 pounds of instant dry milk per person for a year’s supply in your food storage. That is a lot of milk, so what will you be doing with it? Incorporating dried milk into your family’s weekly diet will help everyone become accustomed to it, so it’s not a challenge to use during an emergency. 


Have you tried instant milk? We are lucky to live now and not have the instant milk our parents grew up with. Instant milk today tastes a lot better than it did even a few years ago and it mixes instantly. The best way to drink non-instant milk is by mixing it with warm water first, then cold water and letting it cool in the fridge overnight; it’s not only drinkable but it actually tastes good.  If you like chocolate milk then Chocolate Morning Moo’s is a great option; kids drink this up. Drinking a glass of milk is one way to use your dried milk, but there are a lot of other ways to use dried milk.


Budget conscious bakers prefer and even exclusively use powdered milk. This is because powdered milk reacts and tastes perfectly in its cooking and baking performances. The powder can be added with dry ingredients and then the water can be added with wet ingredients. You can also use non-instant dry milk as a coffee creamer (use 1 tsp of powder for 1 cup) or use it make baked goods fluffier and more moist.

Whether you need to bake with milk, buttermilk, evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk, dried milk is a great alternative. Here are a few recipes to help you on your journey to using dried milk.




Add 1/3 cup instant dry milk to 1 cup warm water. Add 1 tablespoon vinegar, stir and let sit for a moment and then it will sour.  Yield: 1 cup


1 1/3 cups warm water plus 1 cup instant dried milk. Yield: 12 ounces


Boil 1 cup sugar, ½ cup water, 3 tablespoons shortening. Add a dash of salt. Once it comes to a full boil, remove from heat and whisk smooth. Yield: 12 ounces


Put ½ cup water in a bowl and place in your freezer. When ice forms around the edges remove and add ½ cup instant powdered milk. Beat the mixture until it is fluffy (about 3-5 minutes), add 2 tablespoons sugar and ½ teaspoon vanilla, beat until stiff peaks form. Use immediately.


Following a few tips will make your experience with using dried milk a better experience. First, if you want to dissolve the powder faster, try adding powder to warm water first; it also helps to reduce clumping. Next, do not have the mentality that more mix makes your milk “whole.” If you need your milk to simulate whole milk then you need to add 1 tablespoon of oil per cup of milk. Adding more powder just creates thicker, denser milk and your recipe will not turn out as expected. The main difference between whole milk and low-fat milk is the fat content. One last tip is to make enough milk to last about a week and then make more the next week, it will help your milk stay as fresh as possible.


Augason Farms carries essentially two types of milk: Country Fresh 100% Instant Nonfat Dry Milk and Morning Moo’s Low Fat Milk Alternative (this comes in regular flavor and chocolate flavor).

The Country Fresh Milk is made from real milk and mixes instantly. This means you can mix the powder with water and the powder will dissolve. It can be used immediately, although we do recommend chilling it overnight for a smoother consistency. This has a 20 year shelf life and is fortified with Vitamin A and Vitamin D. This tastes more like 1% milk.

The Morning Moo’s Milk Alternative is a whey-based milk. It still provides you with the calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. We’ve seen that people with lactose troubles react better to our whey-based milk. This milk needs to be mixed with warm water first to help the powder dissolve, then the remaining water amount can be added as cold water. This has a 25 year shelf and tastes more like 2% milk.

Chocolate Morning Moo’s Milk needs to be mixed like our regular Morning Moo’s, unless you want to drink it as a hot chocolate drink, then you can mix it all with hot water – it’s delicious both as a hot drink and a cold drink. This has a 15 year shelf life and also has your calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

We recommend mixing our milks in a mixing pitcher with a built in mixer so each time you use it, you can quickly mix it to make sure the powder stays completely dissolved, although this is not required. Both milks are great for drinking and using in baking, it just depends on what you’re looking for.

Dried milk has a variety of uses and a long shelf life. Trying something new can be intimidating. Using dried milk for drinking and in your baking and cooking will be a little scary at first, but gets easier as you continue to do it. You will find it’s simple and yields your desired results. Challenge yourself and try it. Your grocery bill can go down and you have now incorporated some of your food storage into your family’s everyday diet. Which milk will you try?

Posted Feb 18, 2016
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