Make Powdered Milk a Part of Your Pantry

Did you know that on average, each American drinks more than 20 gallons of milk each year? That’s a lot of milk! But what most people don’t realize is that milk doesn’t always have to come from the gallon container in the refrigeration section at the grocery store. It can be a food storage staple that you keep on your shelf! With powdered milk, you can still have the taste and nutrition readily available—no fridge or electricity required. 


At Augason Farms, we regularly discount our emergency food and survival food items in order to help you save as you are stocking up on your food storage. This week, select Augason Farms powdered milk products are 30% off! Because of that, we are dedicating this week’s blog post to all things powdered milk and featuring some of our products on sale.


Country Fresh 100% Real Instant Nonfat Dry Milk - Made with whole cow’s milk, this is as close as it gets to the real thing. This economical alternative to whole milk is high in calcium and fortified with vitamins A and D.


Chocolate Morning Moo’s Milk Alternative - Including Vitamins A and D, this makes a healthy and delicious milk chocolate beverage. Whey-based and formulated to taste like chocolate milk, most people describe it as richer and thicker. Tastes great when served chilled, just like chocolate milk and hot, just like hot cocoa.


Morning Moo’s Milk Alternative Kit - Augason Farms Morning Moo’s Milk Alternative Kit 3-Pack offers regular Morning Moo’s, a low fat milk alternative and Chocolate Morning Moo’s. Both are made from the same whey-based beverage, formulated to look and taste like milk, as well as nourish like milk with natural calcium and added vitamins.


Why Is Milk Important In Your Diet?

Milk is a great source of many vitamins and nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy and strong, which is why it’s important to have powdered milk in your emergency food storage. Here are just a few of the vital nutrients and benefits from milk:

·      Calcium - It is essential to get the recommended amount of daily calcium to stay healthy and, hands down, milk is the best source of calcium for your body. Calcium keeps our bones and teeth healthy and strong, protects us from migraine headaches, can prevent childhood obesity and aids in losing unwanted fats.

·      Vitamin D - Since Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, almost all milk products are fortified with Vitamin D. It also promotes bone growth and strength, reduces the risk of brittle bones, reduces inflammation and increases immune function.

·      Rehydration- Milk has a high amount of water molecules to keep bodies hydrated. This is especially important for children, who are constantly active and running around. Encourage your children to drink milk instead of sugar-filled sodas, which can actually cause dehydration and tooth decay.


High Quality Powdered Milk

Powdered milk tends to have a bad reputation for a chalky taste and texture, but Augason Farms’ offers powdered milk products that are tasty and nutritious, especially when chilled. Our popular Morning Moo’s Milk Alternative was actually the first product sold by Augason Farms, and is high in Vitamin D and is rich in riboflavin—a vitamin essential for metabolic energy. Riboflavin is also important for maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract and healthy eyes, skin, live and heart. Both of Augason Farms’ powdered milk and dry milk alternatives are essential components of your long-term emergency preparedness and food storage supply.


Whether you’re looking to add to your emergency food storage or stock your pantry, this week is a great time to stock up on our delicious powdered milk and dry milk alternatives.


We’re taking a survey this week in the comments- Chocolate, strawberry or plain milk—what’s your favorite?

Posted Jan 10, 2017

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