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Chicken Bouillon
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About Us

Augason Farms has been a leader in emergency preparedness for over 40 years. Since 1972, Augason Farms/Blue Chip Group has maintained the family-owned, high-quality, long lasting (up to 30 years) products food storage buyers have come to know and expect.

Like a master chef, Augason Farms has finely tuned the ingredients that go into each product. We produce and manufacturer our own goods and after finding the finest ingredients, these quality products are made from scratch. Just as specific foods grow during individual seasons, Augason Farms goes out, acquires the ingredients, and then uses their master blenders to create foods such as soups, sauces, gravies, drinks, entrées and an extensive assortment of bakery mixes.

Truly inspiring is that this commanding company is now into its 2nd generation of family ownership. Mark Augason, son of founder Phil Augason, is the president and leader of Augason Farms today. No conglomerates, no big corporations; just good, dependable, family leadership. But don't let that fool you because we sell all over the country, from locally owned businesses to nationwide club stores and giant retailers.

The facts speak for themselves with Augason Farms. When people think of food storage, the idea of monotonous preparations and under-flavored freeze-dried food begins to spin around in their heads. Food fatigue is a big concern which we have addressed. Taste and flavor are our passion. Specific, premium-quality ingredients are put into each of the 200+ products offered and the best part in many: just add water! Simplicity without compromising on flavor and zest is what has helped us be successful.

In addition to our piece-of-cake preparation, Augason Farms has become an innovator --thinking outside the box. Our line of gluten-free products has set a standard; all of our gluten-free items are GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) Certified. Today, 1 in every 133 people has gluten intolerances. Persistent requests and a change in dietary fads led to the creation of gluten-free foods like chocolate-chip cookies, buttermilk pancakes, dried fruit, and even bacon bits. To top this, we've recently released our everyday size cans. We realize that not every family consists of five or more people and so we've tried to cater to the needs of smaller families and to those who want to use our items every day.
Located in Salt Lake City, UT, we have a local outlet store permitting easy access to our foods at very reasonable prices. Over the years, a number of companies have tried to compete and duplicate a classic, but Augason Farms continues to lead the way.

40 years ago, Phil Augason started with a delicious alternative to dry milk. That idea led to the Augason Farms known today. Even now, one will still see Phil's wife, Jacquie, laboring to make sure that quality and flavor are put into every product. After 40 years, taste, quality and family are still the driving ideals.

Augason Farms Background

In 1972 Phil Augason was inspired to develop an economical but nutritious whey-based milk alternative that he named "Morning Moo's®."  Morning Moo's is a great food storage item because of its long shelf-life, and a great everyday product because it tastes like 2% milk! Over the next several years Phil traveled throughout the Intermountain West. His wife, Jacquie, and their five children, spent many nights and weekends preparing for shows and fairs where dad would demo and sample the Morning Moo's drink.  Morning Moo's delicious flavor and solid nutrition have made it a huge success. That success led to the establishment of The Blue Chip Group, Inc. paving a path to the acquisition of several other companies. The Blue Chip Group had the ability to greatly expand its product base. Those companies, including Harvest of the West, Swiss Whey D'Lite and Country Fresh Farms, are now united under the Augason Farms brand. Augason Farms is proud to be a "Utah's Own" company.

Augason Farms Products

Augason Farms is a thriving enterprise in today’s food storage industry.  Offering full range of delicious, high-quality, food storage products packaged for daily use and/or long-term storage. Premium quality food ingredients chosen to offer customers the utmost satisfaction. As the manufacturer, Augason Farms has the ability to pass along significant savings to customers.

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"The prices are what I like the best about Augason Farms. Variety combo packs are my favorite Augason Farms products. I'm just getting started into food storage and heard about Augason Farms through a mailer. I decided to check them out and I'm glad I did."

-KC A.


"I like Augason Farms' gluten free items the best. The Gluten Free Scone Mix is my top pick because we love to use to make pizzas. We currently have 3 to 4 months worth of food storage and have been preppers for about 5 years. We have been using Augason Farms products when they used to be known as Blue Chip Group products; that's a long time to be with a company."

-Justin P.


"My husband and I like the high quality ingredients that Augason Farms provides. They make it easy to prepare meals. Beef Bouillon has the best taste; no other company even comes close. We've been purchasing food storage for about 3 years and we're glad we heard about Augason Farms through a family member."

-Amy P.

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