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Augason Farms Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Augason Farms collects, uses, shares, and protects information obtained from and about our customers ("you"). It also provides you with important tools that may allow you to keep your information up-to-date and make certain choices about how your information is used. This Policy covers both online and offline activities, including information that we collect through our website, demos, and phone orders (among other methods).

Please note that if we change the way in which we handle your information, we will post the changes in this full Privacy Policy. For material changes (i.e., substantially new practices you wouldn't expect from us or that we didn't previously disclose in this Policy), we may decide to notify you more directly and get your prior consent.

This full Privacy Policy answers five simple questions (shown below), and then provides other important information, including how to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

1. What information do we collect?

Depending on how you interact with Augason Farms (online, in-store, on the phone, etc.), we may collect from you various types of information, which are described in more detail below. In some instances (and unless we say otherwise below), we may combine one type of information with another, and store them together in our records. In all cases, however, we strive to limit the amount of information we collect and store to that which is necessary to provide you the relevant services.

Payment info
This includes any information that you use to make a purchase, such as your credit card details (cardholder name, card number, expiration date, etc.), check or other forms of payment (if such are made available). This also includes the billing name and address associated with your form of payment. We only collect payment information for purchases (whether your purchase is made in store, online, or by phone). If you create an account with us, your payment information (along with your order history and other related preferences) may be stored under your account, but Augason Farms does not have access to credit card information stored. To review or edit this information, go to the relevant "My Account" section of our site or contact customer service.

Personal contact info
This includes any information that would allow us to personally contact you, such as your name, home or mailing address, phone number, email address, etc. In some cases, this could include information that you give us about someone else (for example, if you ask us to ship an Augason Farms product to a friend). We typically collect personal contact information for registration activities (i.e., email sign-up, online shopping, etc.), product orders, customer service, contests and promotions, and customer feedback. If you create an online account with us, some of your personal contact information may be stored under your account. To review or edit this information, go to the "My Account" section of our site.

Account login info
This refers to any information that is required for you to establish a unique account with us or for us to give you access to your specific account information. Examples include login ID and password. We only collect (or create for you) unique login information for those activities that require an account. Your unique login information, especially your password, should always be kept confidential and should never be shared with anyone else. To change your account password, go to the relevant "My Account" section of our site.

Demographic info
This includes any information that describes your demographic characteristics. Examples may include your general geographic location (i.e., zip code or city and state). We typically collect demographic information for registration activities (i.e., email sign-up), contests and promotions, and customer surveys for our reference only.

Technical computer info
This includes any information about the computer system or other technological device that you may be using to access one of our websites or applications. We typically collect this information through the use of automated technologies such as cookies and web beacons. Examples of technical computer information may include your computer's IP address, operating system type, and web browser type. If you access our website or application via a mobile device such as a smartphone, the collected information may also include your phone's unique device ID, location, and other similar mobile device data. Technical computer information is not associated with your personal contact information and is only used to improve your shopping experience.

Website usage info
This includes information about how you use and navigate our websites and applications, including which links you click on, which pages or content you view, and other similar information or statistics about your interactions with our site or application (i.e., which site you came from, etc.). This information is captured using automated technologies such as cookies and web beacons, and may be collected regardless of the device you may be using (computer, smartphone, etc.). Website usage information is NOT associated with your personal contact information and only helps us to enhance your shopping experience.

Customer feedback
This includes information that you voluntarily share with us about your experience in using our products and services, including our website. Examples may include unsolicited comments and suggestions, testimonials, or other feedback about what you may have liked (or disliked) about your experience in using our products or services. We typically collect this information in the form of customer surveys and email correspondence.

Customer-generated content
This refers to any content that you create and then share with us (and perhaps others) by uploading it to one of our websites, including our Facebook page or other applications. Examples may include photos, videos, personal stories, or other similar media or content. We mostly collect customer-generated content for contests and promotions, website community features, customer engagement, and third party social networking.

Social network info
This refers to any information that is part of your profile on a third party social network (such as Facebook) and that you allow the third party social network to share with us. Examples may include your basic account information (i.e., name, profile picture, etc.) and any other additional information or activities that you permit the third party social network to share with its application developers. For example, we may receive your social network information (or parts of it) when you download or interact with an Augason Farms application on a social networking site (such as Facebook). To learn more about how your social network information may be obtained by Augason Farms (or other application developers), please visit the website of the relevant third party social network.

Other info (depending on context)
This refers to any other information that we might need to collect for the specific Augason Farms form, feature, or other service you are using or requesting. What this information might include will vary depending on the method of collection and the specific purpose(s) for which the information is being collected.

2. How do we collect your information?

We may collect information from you through a variety of online or offline sources, which are described in more detail below. In some instances, we may combine information collected from one source (i.e., Augason Farms website) with information collected from another source (i.e., Augason Farms Outlet Store). We do this to get a more complete view of our customers, which, in turn, allows us to serve you better and with more personalization. Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to the methods of collection listed below (and to no other methods). Also note that not all of the methods listed below may be relevant to you.

Augason Farms websites and applications
We may collect information from you through our own website or applications. This could include (a) any site that we own and control under our own domain (such as:, or some other domain name that redirects you to one of these sites), or (b) any site or application that we may develop and run on a third party social network such as Facebook. This could also include any site or application that we specifically design for use on a cell phone or other mobile device, such as a mobile-enabled site or mobile application.

Augason Farms Outlet Store
We may collect information from you through our outlet store.

Phone/Fax orders
We may collect information from you through orders that you place over the phone or send in via fax or postal mail. These methods of ordering are handled by our customer service department. In some instances, information (such as a contact phone number) may be collected via these methods even when a purchase is not made.

Email correspondence
We may collect information from you if you correspond with us via email. For example, if you send an email to our customer service department.

Other sources
Occasionally, we may obtain information about you from other sources. We may receive information from a third party co-sponsor who we may partner with to run a one-time promotion or giveaway.

3. With whom do we share your information?

We may share your information with the types of companies (or in the situations) described below. We do NOT rent or sell your information to third party companies for their own marketing purposes.

Agents and contractors
These are companies or people we hire to help us run our business (i.e., host our website, run campaigns, etc.). The information shared with agents/contractors could include demographic information, or other types of information depending on the service being provided. Agents and contractors are only allowed to use your information for the specific task they've been hired to do, and for no other purpose. They're also required to keep your information secure and confidential.

Law enforcement (if necessary)
This is when we may need to share your information for law enforcement or other legal-related purposes. This type of sharing may be necessary in connection with a governmental inquiry, enforcement of legal rights (i.e., contract terms, intellectual property rights, etc.), safety issue, or other related matter. Sharing your information for these reasons is not a regular event, but could arise. We always strive to limit the types and amount of information we share for legal purposes to that which is strictly necessary.

4. How do we protect your information?

We use a variety of methods (mentioned below) to keep customer information confidential and secure. Please note, however, that these protections do not apply to any information you choose to share in public areas such as social areas.

Firewall-protected servers
We store your information on servers which are protected by firewalls and are closely monitored and isolated from the outside world.

Encryption for payment info
We use industry-standard encryption to provide extra protection for sensitive financial information, such as your credit card information or other payment information. For example, encryption is used when you make payments online and if you choose to have your payment information stored with us for future online purchases. Encryption is also used to protect your account information when you login to your online account and throughout the duration of your logged-in session.

Measures you can take
It is important for you to play a role in keeping your information safe. When signing up for an online account, please be sure to choose an account password that is difficult for others to guess and never reveal it to anyone else. If you use a shared or public computer, never choose to have your login ID or password remembered and make sure to log out of your account every time you leave the computer.

5. Other important policies

We are not responsible for third party links/sites
Our websites and applications may provide links to, or features from, other third party sites (such as third party social networks) that we do not own or control. If you link to such sites or use such features, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for the content or practices of any third party site, application, or feature.

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