Favorites Variety Pantry Pack

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Size: 6 - Pouches
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NEW! The Augason Farms Favorites Variety Pantry 6-Pack includes an assortment of instant menu items in our famous Pantry Packs that offer delicious and wholesome fare for every meal of the day. All items are easy to prepare. Just add water! Open the pouch, add the contents to the indicated amount of hot water and you have a sumptuous, nutritious and satisfying meal, ready to eat in mere minutes.

Favorites Variety Pantry 6-Pack includes:

  • Instant Blueberry Granola with Milk – 1 pouch, 4 servings
  • Instant Creamy Chicken Rice – 1 pouch, 4 servings
  • Instant Cheesy Broccoli and Rice – 1 pouch, 4 servings
  • Instant Pasta Alfredo – 1 pouch, 4 servings
  • Instant Nonfat Milk – 1 pouch, 6 servings
  • Chicken Noodle Soup Mix – 1 pouch, 5 servings

Pantry Packs are designed for dual use: daily, as a quick and easy meal when needed, or for long term food storage in case of a sudden emergency. With their extended shelf life, Pantry Pouches are a tasty and nutritional solution whether enjoyed today or a few years from now.

*Sealed/Opened to 1 year. Best when stored in a cool dry place at temperatures between 55?F and 70?F (ideal humidity 15%).

Pouches are nitrogen flushed or contain an oxygen absorber, which is the most effective, long-term method of controlling the deteriorating effects of light, moisture and oxygen on the contents. Discard the absorber immediately upon opening.

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