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A growing number of people are realizing the increasing need to have an easily accessible emergency survival kit in their home and vehicle in preparation for the unexpected. A long-term storage supply is of course wise, but what if that storage supply is compromised? Or what if you are not near your storage supply when a situation arises? A 72-hour survival backpack is going to provide you with everything you need to ensure you are able to overcome the initial hours of emergency.

History has shown that when a disaster hits an area, the supplies that are available to the public rapidly deplete. Hysteria and panic cause over-purchasing and put strain on public supplies from which it is impossible for distributors and emergency services to immediately recover. Having a 72-hour kit for you and your family in your vehicle, home or vacation home will mean that you can focus on each other rather than frantically searching for supplies.

For the price, it is worth having a 72-hour food and emergency kit in every possible location you think you could be if a situation were to happen. Knowing that you are ready and prepared to overcome the immediate and start organizing for the long-term gives you confidence in your ability to look after yourself and your family.

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