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6 Gallon Pail
SKU: 1-97200
The six gallon pails (buckets) are great for storing bulk items away from moisture. They're even sta..
6 Gallon Pail Lid (White)
6 Gallon White Pail Lid for use on compatible food storage buckets. ..
6 Gallon Storage Pails with Gamma Seal Lids
6 Gallon Storage Pails with Gamma Seal Lids
Seal your emergency food or other products in an airtight, leak-proof storage container, and protect..
Hand Wheat Grinder
SKU: 6-01012
Victorio Hand Wheat Grinder is one of the easiest grinders to use. The hand crank operation make..
Mixing Pitcher
SKU: 6-21063
The 2 Quart Mixing Pitcher is easy to use. It has measuring guides on both sides and a built in mixe..
Pail - Bucket Lid Opener (Green)
Pail / Bucket lid opener (also called a bung wrench) allows quick and easy opening of food storage p..
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Having an ample pantry is only part of your survival and preparedness plan. We sell equipment that will help you to store your own foods for survival and preparedness. Food can be damaged by heat, light and oxygen. The first two potential problems can be overcome by positioning, but the third is more complicated to conquer. To remove the oxygen from your stored food, you will need oxygen absorbers.

The air that is sealed in a storage container is the same as the air that is all around us: 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. The nitrogen will not affect the quality of your stored food, but the oxygen will. To calculate the size of oxygen absorber you will need, you have to know the cubic centimeter air volume of your container.

The 6 gallon storage buckets we sell have a total air volume of 22,800 cubic centimeters. 21% of this figure is 4,788 cubic centimeters and this is the amount of oxygen that will be present in the container. So to successfully remove this oxygen you would need ten 500cc oxygen absorbers. Food displacers air, so oxygen absorbers would be needed only for the amount of space not occupied by food. We provide 500cc oxygen absorbers sold in packs of 75, ample supply for preparedness and storage.


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