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Deluxe 4-Person One Year Kit
Deluxe 4-Person One Year Kit
The Augason Farms Deluxe 4-Person One Year Food Storage Kit contains a delicious selection of our best selling products ensuring great variety and positive nutrition. The average calories per day is approximately 1,290. There are approximately 20,700 total servings in the kit. It would take approxim
Deluxe One Year Kit
Deluxe One Year Kit
SKU: 5-07013
Augason Farms Deluxe One Year Food Storage Kit has a vast variety of everyday foods, including soups, fruits, vegetables and baking mixes.  This selection provides the ability to create “regular” meals, not just subsistence food, averaging almost 2,000 calories per day.  The kit contains o
Mega 40-Person 1-Year Food Storage Kit
Mega 40-Person 1-Year Food Storage Kit
Our Mega Food Storage Kit is great for Organizations, Church and Community Groups! Augason Farms Mega 40-Person 1-Year Food Storage Kit provides nutrition for 40 people for a full year at about 900 calories per day per person. This Mega Set is 10 pallets worth of food! There's enough variet
One Year Emergency Food Storage All-in-One Pail Kit
One Year Emergency Food Storage All-in-One Pail Kit
One year food supply for one person12 - 7 gallon size pails20 Year shelf life3,684 total servings655,920 total calories; 1,822 average calories per dayEach pail includes a fire starting disk and a water bottle with filter
Premium One Year Kit
Premium One Year Kit
SKU: 5-07012
Augason Farms Premium One Year Food Storage Kit includes all the food nutrition for one person for a full year (about 1,100 calories per day). The Premium One Year Kit contains over 5,700 servings along with a wheat grinder. This is the perfect kit to make sure you have enough food for any unexpec
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1 Year Kits

The world is a scary place. It seems people cannot go out in public without fear of being attacked, whether on the subway, in a mall, or walking down the street. These only address the risks posed by humans. There is the threat of a natural disaster at any time, thus individuals need to be prepared for any emergency situation. With the help of a long-term emergency survival kit, doing so becomes an easier proposition. What should consumers look for when purchasing this type of kit?

Great Tasting Food

Great tasting food remains critical to a person's survival, as a study conducted in 2008 found that animals typically have five taste qualities associated with different types of food. Simple carbohydrates tend to be sweet, while foods containing small peptides and amino acids are savory. Sodium and other ions produce salty foods, while acidic foods tend to be sour. Finally, certain foods have a bitter taste, often the result of possible toxins in the food.

This information is of importance when selecting an emergency food kit, as a person's food choices tend to be molded by experience. They use this experience to select among the various nutrients available to them. What the human takes in actually becomes of great importance when it comes to surviving a catastrophe of any type. When foods don't taste good, the human may not be willing to eat them, thus limiting their chances of making it past the catastrophe. This is never an issue when consumers choose to purchase from Augason Farms, as all products offered are taste tested before being offered to the public for sale.

When a disaster strikes, people find they are faced with numerous challenges. The satisfaction of eating great tasting food can make these challenges less stressing, as each person will have items they enjoy eating. Meals ready to eat, often referred to as MREs, tend to be dry and tasteless. Imagine having to consume these types of foods day after day for a year. It wouldn't be pleasant. The great tasting items are one reason why many turn to Augason Farms for their emergency supply kit, and there are numerous others.

Long Shelf Life

When purchasing foods for this purpose, consumers need to understand the difference between two common phrases: best if used by and life sustaining. Best if used by refers to the amount of time the food product will keep most of its nutrition and taste. In contrast, the length of time a food product may be stored and still consumed is referred to as life sustaining.

Products with a best if used by date typically appear in grocery stores and other local retailers. Life-sustaining foods are those which are meant for the purpose of long-term storage, up to 30 years in some cases, thus individuals need to look for these types of items when purchasing for a food storage supply. Knowing the difference between the two can be critical in this situation.

Keep in mind that foods stored for an extended period of time tend to lose both nutritional quality and taste. The food quality at the time of packaging plays a role in this. Research continues to show foods that are dehydrated or freeze-dried will retain the calories needed to sustain life while preventing starvation. This is only true, however, when they are packaged and sealed correctly.

High-Quality Foods

Some companies opt to cut corners by making use of filler foods to drive up calorie counts. Healthy calories need to be obtained without driving food costs up to the point where they become unaffordable. Purchase a one-year emergency survival food kit from Augason Farms to get high-quality foods that family members wish to eat. They are a great way to complete an emergency food supply plan and every family should consider this option. One can never know what the future holds, but they can be prepared. Make sure you follow this motto at all times and buy your kit today. You won't regret that you did so when others are struggling and your family is protected. The quality of the food is of great importance when it comes to meeting nutritional requirements also.


When purchasing an emergency supply kit, regardless of whether it is for three days, one year, or longer, nutritional requirements must be considered. Individuals need certain vitamins and minerals to remain healthy following a crisis, and Augason Farms understands this. A variety of products are offered to meet the needs of all, while meeting the taste requirements of different people. The longer the kit will be needed, the more important nutritional requirements become. A person can do without certain vitamins or minerals for a three-day period, but doing so for extended periods of time, such as a year, can be dangerous for their health.

Each product in the one-year emergency food supply kit comes with nutritional information on the label, and this information may be found under the product description also. Individuals have the option of purchasing the food as a prepackaged kit or may choose their own foods from many different categories. Augason Farms offers soup and entrees, fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat, grains and beans, gluten-free products, bakery items, and drinks. In addition, certain items are offered in the sale category, so be sure to check it out. All items are healthy and nutritious and are designed to help individuals meet their calorie requirements during the emergency.

Peace of mind comes with each kit purchased, as nutritional requirements tend to be very complex. Preparing a kit of this type at home may lead to one or more nutrients being neglected. This is never an issue when you purchase a kit from us. We ensure all guidelines are met, so you know you are always covered. Turn to Augason Farms for all of your emergency food preparation needs, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your food needs are covered regardless of what life and Mother Nature throw at you.


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