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Emergency Food Supply Deluxe Pail Kit
Emergency Food Supply Deluxe Pail Kit
The Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply Pail Kit consists of four, generous pail combinations in one ample kit. With all-time, mouthwatering favorites in convenient pouches for refreshments, snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, the meals in this kit will see you through an extended emerg
286.69 229.35
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Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetable Variety Pack
Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetable Variety Pack
Meeting your daily fruit and vegetable requirements has never been more convenient. The Vegetable Variety Pack makes it easy to just add water and use in your favorite soups, salads and side dishes. The Fruit Variety Pack is loaded with antioxidants and can be rehydrated to use anywhere your favorit
364.99 255.49
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One Month Pack
One Month Pack
SKU: 5-07312
The One Month Pack contains plenty of food in everyday size cans for one person to last 30 days. There is an endless number of meal options you can make by combining products in the pack; it's a great way to have a variety of meals readily available. From Creamy Potato Soup to Honey Coated Banana Sl
235.99 176.99
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One Year Emergency Food Storage All-in-One Pail Kit
One Year Emergency Food Storage All-in-One Pail Kit
One year food supply for one person12 - 7 gallon size pails20 Year shelf life3,684 total servings655,920 total calories; 1,822 average calories per dayEach pail includes a fire starting disk and a water bottle with filter
1535.99 1382.39
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Hot Buys

Here at Augason Farms, we regularly discount our emergency food and survival food items in order to help you save as you are stocking up on your food storage. Our Food Storage Sale page has daily deals and select reduced-cost food storage product favorites. Visit this page often and take advantage of these food storage discounts while they’re even more of a bargain than usual!

If you’re just getting started with building up your personal food storage supply, here are a few helpful tips from our food storage experts:

Set Food Storage Time’s Goals

If you set food storage goals, you’re more likely to stick to building up your food storage supply. Begin with something as simple as a 72 hour kit for your home. Once you have acquired your 72 hour kit, set a goal for one month’s worth of food storage. Once you have reached that goal, set your next goal for a three month’s supply of food. Keep resetting your food storage goal and in time you’ll have acquired at least a one year emergency food supply.

Allocate Food Storage Money in Your Monthly Budget

When you have set your food storage goals, you’ll have an idea of how much money you’ll need to set aside in your monthly budget to meet those goals. People are often reluctant to plan for emergency food storage items in their monthly budgets. It may seem more fun to spend money on entertainment or the convenience of fast food, but those items won’t save your life in the long run. Food storage just might. Invest in yourself by investing in food storage every month. Even if your contribution to your food storage budget is small, it will add up over time!

Look for Food Storage Specials & Buy in Bulk

You can save big when you buy food storage items on special. A great way to save on your food storage needs is to visit the Augason Farms Food Storage Sale page. Buying food storage items from our sale page gives you the chance to get deep discounts on emergency food items.  Buying food storage items in bulk is another way to stretch your food storage budget dollars. People may feel apprehensive about buying food storage items in bulk due to the initial cost. But in the long run, buying in bulk is far less expensive than buying food storage items in smaller quantities.

Get started with your food storage supply now and watch your stock grow month by month. Remember, you can set your own pace with planning out and purchasing food storage items, but the important thing is that you begin.


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