Bring Home the Bacon

In any calamity there is always collateral damage. This summer’s drought, a calamity by anyone’s definition, is beginning to be felt in a number of surprising ways.

Pig farmers, for example, have been thinning their herds this summer due to the lack of hog feed created by crop losses in the drought. Once that selloff ends, fewer pigs will be going to market. That will push prices higher at the supermarket.

Experts are now saying that the drought will cause a dearth of bacon, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), pushing up the price in supermarkets 2.5 to 3.5 percent next year.

Food Storage CansGiven that the USDA predictions are consistently conservative, that figure could go higher—perhaps much higher. For example, Britain’s National Pig Association (NPA) warns that bacon and pork prices will skyrocket, perhaps doubling next year.

As a consequence of drought conditions in many places around the world, which have adversely impacted the cost of animal feed, American’s who prefer bacon may experience mild withdrawal.

Not the least of these will be food manufacturers who include bacon in their products.

Fortunately, this does not include Augason Farms products. Our Bacon Flavored Bits are vegetarian meat substitutes, even though they taste like bacon. They taste as good, and arguably, they are better for you.

So when the cost of bacon goes through the roof, you can turn to your supply of Augason Farms Bacon Flavored Bits Vegetarian Meat Substitute instead and be just as happy.

From our family to yours, Augason Farms has produced the best food storage for two generations. With over four decades of experience formulating and manufacturing the best tasting, most wholesome products in the industry, we meet or exceed all your food storage and emergency preparedness needs. Quality is our watchword. It’s delicious peace of mind.

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