#10 Cans are a Food Storage Staple

Today we are going to look at one of the basic ways of storing our food storage staples: #10 cans. This form of storing foods has several advantages. We will look at why they are a good option and what to do with the cans after the food is gone.


#10 cans are strong. Their double enamel material makes them durable. This durability means they will not easily be damaged and they will keep the food inside safe from contamination. When I had a flood in my basement my #10 cans kept my food safe. My cans were not on the ground; they were on a lower shelf, but I didn’t have to worry about any contamination. Life’s emergencies like floods could happen at any time. I just had to dry the cans off after. Other packaged foods and boxes exposed to the same flooding had to be thrown away.


Augason Farms’ #10 can canning process seals in your food and the freshness. The cans are hermetically sealed and oxygen absorbers are added to each one. This keeps the oxygen out and the freshness in. The combination of the #10 cans durability and sealed freshness creates up to a 30 year shelf life. This long shelf life gives you plenty of time to use the foods without worrying about the product going bad.


In general, #10 cans save money when compared to buying everyday size, pantry cans and smaller packaged foods. The pantry cans offer a more convenient size, but usually cost more per ounce compared to a #10 can. #10 cans also allow you to choose the food amounts that you want to use, from 2 servings to 20. Most products last about a year after the can is opened, so you don’t have to use it all at once. A lot of times you feel forced to make the full amount in smaller packages even when you may not need quite that much. For example, a can of potato soup has to be used in the same sitting even if some will end up in waste, but with a #10 can you make the desired amount of soup without any waste. Once you open a #10 can just place the lid back on and use it within about a year. Plus, the large opening makes it convenient to use measuring cups to scoop out the desired amount of ingredients.


For another practicality, #10 cans create an efficient use in space. These #10 cans are created to stack and can easily be stored under beds (for creative storage space users).  I love how easily their lids fit on them after they open and they can still go back in their assigned home as they were before I opened them.


Reduce, reuse and renew. Once you use a #10 can, reuse it. These specific cans can be used as storage containers to create safety kits stored under each family member’s bed or in the car. You can store nails and other miscellaneous hardware out in your garage. Another idea is to store other loose food items, like rice or corn kernels in your empty #10 cans. #10 cans can be re-crafted into a drain for gardening, a craft like luminaries, a drum or even targets for target practice. I’ve even seen people make homemade ice cream in them (they roll the can back and forth to get it mixed). In an emergency they can be used as a stove, a heat source, or a bowl. The durability of #10 cans can really come in handy in a variety of situations.

Storing #10 cans in your emergency food storage is an excellent resource to have during hard times. From using the food inside and then re-purposing the cans into a stove, or whatever it might be, #10 cans are valuable assets to have in your home. Add a few to your food storage today and utilize them!

Posted Feb 3, 2016
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